What is a Resilient Self?

A resilient self is one that is able to practice fortitude by standing up to life’s challenges, working through them incrementally, and finding a sense of strength within yourself for having done so. Traditional definitions of the word resilient suggest the idea of “bouncing back” and while speed is sometimes implied, we understand that this process can take time. Our clients do not always show up already identifying as resilient, however through our work together, most have grown to learn how to practice resilience.

How is resilience practiced?

Resilience can be established through mindful cognitions and practiced behavior. It is something that is available to anyone and is not a specific trait that only some people possess. Some ways that therapy with us can teach you to become more resilient are:

  • Learning to find meaning and purpose in life’s challenges
  • Building your capacity to better regulate emotions
  • Understanding that tolerating failure is at times a necessary part of living your best life
  • Helping you increase your ability to adjust and change course
  • Enhancing your compassion and value for yourself to feel you’re worth it

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”

-Pema Chodron

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